[quote=LoRaXspeek4keets]Pedophilia was indeed wide-spread in ancient Rome and Greece, but now you're entering into cultural psychology, which is not applicable in this case. Roman Polanski did not grow up in ancient Rome or ancient Greece.[/quote] [i]Pederasty[/i]. A man, who was attracted to young males that weren't prepubescent kids anymore on the one hand and not young men over 18/20 on the other, was called "paiderastes" in ancient Hellas. This other term (pedophilia) hasn't that long history, similar like "homosexual" - in the 1800s many people simply called every male individual "a pederast", if he had sex with another male (that's why in the French language a word like "pédé" still exists - it has the same meaning as "fag/queer" in English).