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..... Probably the most obvious symptom of pedophilia is having intense, consistent fantasies involving a prepubescent child, usually about thirteen years old or younger. ....

The thing is, many 13 year olds are not pre-pubescent.
Many are sexually actively.
A few are parents.
In some societies they would be / would have been considered old enough for marriage.

I am not entirely convinced that sex with a sexually mature (and possibly sexually active) girl ~ even if she is under the age of consent, is genuine paedophilia.

I'm certyainly not saying that it isn't immoral.

If he knew her age ~ and drugged her for sex ~ then he knew that he was doing wrong. And he may even be a paedophile, of course. But it is odd that the woman does not want to proceed with this, and I do wonder what really went on.

I know of men, who have been convinced, by girls, that they were over 18, when they were not. And the men have got into legal trouble because of it.

How are the men to know?
How many people could be certain how old a teenage girl is?
Some 13 years old look 20; some 20 year olds look 13.

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