i know what the classification is (my 2nd wife was a sociologist - silly discipline), but i think its plain wrong and apologetic. being a paodophile makes you a callous, calculating individual with a need for power over their victims, with a choice over right and wrong. i do not believe it makes them ill, and i do not think its helpful to call paedophilia an illness.

paedophilia is well known to have been widespread in ancient greece and rome. was that cultural, or and epidemic? personally i think it was cultural, and we have since come to realise that it is wrong, much like neutering of people and wifebeating.

i've heard the sociopath argument before - how then do you diagnose a sociopath who has not offended? there is no illness without symptoms.

other conditions which are in my opinion completely wrongly classified as illnesses are alcoholism, drug addiction and depression. there are times when medical science and psychology should butt out and realise that sometimes people aren't very nice and they make bad choices.

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