Awww this was a good memory smile I remember writing about that. smile Warm heart!!!!

She is really a doll. She loves to fly to me and sit with me. She gets to go on my shoulder once in a while, but generally she hangs out on my forearm, or my legs if i am laying down. She loves buttons more then ever and its her personal mission to get every single one off of her space. She does not sleep on me as much. She can think of much better games to play, or things to chew! LOL SO i guess this was a rare special moment! She is slightly molting and craky right now. She discovered the pull strings in my hoodie one day. As well as the rim of my glasses and my nose. SHe lovs to nibble my glass rims if i lean down to her. Its still new and scary, so i have to play with my glasses first smile There is never a limit of things to do with a budgie. I bought a tiny plastic tamborine and she loves them LOL!!

PS i do have security set up, so dont even try smile

New pics soon smile