The past few days have been hard. I have been contemplenting inpatient care for some problems and i was to be leaving puddles under my fiances care. Which never bothered me. Puddles "daddy" takes care of her can pick her up play with her and do all things i can. It just may take longer for her to warm up to him. He changes her veggies and such. But anyway i had a scare i did not need today.

Justin was playing with my little one while i was getting supper together. I guess he made her a tiny piece of wooden piece on a long, single string. He would hold it in the air and swing it to get her attention. Well i come up from cooking and he says "your not going to be happy, its your bird" I just start getting hysterical. (i already was crying from other reasonss) and i go to my baby bird who has over 2 feet of string tightly around her little left foot.

I panic "get a cover and get it dark" i say I know i need to grab my bird and with her 'tude its not easy. Sadly she retreated to her cage where i had no choice to corner her, and softly get her. she bit, lord did she bite. But she was already yanking on her foot and she knew something was wrong there. she has been just as hysterical yanking on her string and biting at her little foot frown I had her though, and it was a xxxxxxx mess. But i started slowly (crying hard the whole time) and in a little bit the entire string was off. I took the time that i was holding her to look at her foot and i seen no odd colors or "peeling" looks. I think she did not bite her self too hard, just she was scared and trying to get that string off. after listening to her breathing and looking at her vent area (why not, she was already there!) i decided my baby needs to be left go, and needs to calm down. She stopped her useless biting, but she was still scared.

I opened my hand and she sat on ym thumb. To my suprise she sat there inching closer to me. i grabbed some millet and she went to town. I pretty much collapased and cried even harder. Her feet are so lttle, there was so much string. We have no room in our life for a mistake like this. I placed her on Justins leg and switched the millet for broccoli, and she took that. She had a few normal poos since then, including a bath a party time and a romp on her toys in her cage. I think the "string" bothers her less then it does me. When i look at my little green girl i think what could have happened. I know that there are many many happy disabled keets. But if i can prevent it Puddles will be a happy full bodied keet.

I have since looked over her toys in her cage. No stings left loose there. Mine are all in either straws, or about 2 inches at the very most. The ones that are 2 inches are tied to things and are hemp rope, so thats really thick.

Talk about getting the xxxx scared out of last thought was "you did this to my bird!!" twords my fiance. But i know he did not mean for it to happen. When i put her to bed, i always place my hand in the cage, grab her old food and replace it with a tiny bit thru the night. She did shy away from my hand, which hurt at first. But i know in no time she will be back to playing with me. SHe just needs to remember that i do not always grab her, that i have not hurt her or given her any reason not to trust me.

my feeling right now. relief. and blessed that i could grab my little one and help her. I feel proud blush that i was able to do it, but i pray i do not need to prefect my act.

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New pics soon smile