With the recent cage change puddles has been happier. She is always sure to take advantage of the whole space and she has seperate areas in her cage. She considers the left side play and food and the right side more chill and preen etc.

Well today i have just about had it. Why is she sleeping on a platform instead of a perch? I have so many nice perches that it would be nice on her feet. She sleeps the entire night in the back corner on her platform. Right under a rope perch that she had used before. Why is it really where she wants to sleep?

Is that healthy for her little toes. I think the bars get cold. She has ben sleeping htere for close to a week solid. Ignoring the higher comfy spaces. Sghe really does sneak her little body into the corner of this cage. Should i wrap the platform somehow, or take them all out and hope she is healthier and sleeps on a perch.

I do not think she is sick. I think she prefers this area because she can really get back in the corners unlike any perch.

New pics soon smile