Here are a few quotes on this subject from Stephen Glover of The Daily Mail.

'A paedophile photograph... Polanski... why on earth does the arts world think it is immune from morality?' ~ By Stephen Glover, daily Mail, 1st October 2009

'There will be outraged cries of censorship after the removal of a photograph of the actress Brooke Shields, taken when she was ... ten, from an exhibition at the Tate Modern museum in London ....'

'Police advised the gallery ... that the picture could break obscenity laws.'

'... if a paedophile were caught downloading the very same picture he would almost certainly be in serious trouble.'

'Not surprisingly, in 1981 the actress tried to buy back the negatives ....'

'Meanwhile in New York, Paris and London members of the 'artistic community' are decrying the arrest .. of ... Roman Polanski ...'

'Polanski drugged, and then sodomised, a 13-year-old girl ...'

'... One may reasonably surmise that if he were not a world-famous .. film director, but a dirty old man ... who had virtually raped a 13-year-old girl 32 years ago, sympathy would be less widespread.'

'Drugging and sodomising a 13-year-old girl is not a peccadillo that can be discounted. ....'

'As Polanski's brutal seduction of a young girl is overridden, even negated, by his supposed status as a great artist, so the provocatively sexual picture of a minor will doubtless be celebrated .....'

'It is as though art and artists occupy a different moral sphere to the rest of us.'

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