Roman Polanski, the somewhat notorious 76-year-old French-Polish Film director, has been arrested in Zurich, for extradition to the USA.

His crime? ~ Unlawful sex with a thirteen-year-old girl, back in 1977 ~ when he was about 32.

He admitted to the crime, but fled abroad, while out on bail, never to return ~ or so he intended.
If he heard that a country might extradite him, he didn't go there ~ until he was offered 'a lifetime achievement award', to be presented in Switzerland.

Meanwhile ~ apparently ~ the girl sued Polanski, and they came to an agreement, which resulted in her deciding to drop charges.

But, in the USA, prosecutors still want him to be sentenced. He faced the possibility of life imprisonment.

How are people reacting to this arrest?
'A petition has been signed by film-makers and actors ... expressing dismay at Mr Polanski's arrest.'

'Other Hollywood luminaries .. have called for Mr Polanski's release.'

'Politicians and Hollywood heavyweights have rallied behind director Roman Polanski following his arrest.'

'French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner called the detention of the film-maker - a French citizen - in Switzerland a "bit sinister".'

'British novelist Robert Harris described the arrest as "disgusting treatment".'

'.. "Switzerland let a guest walk into a nasty trap. We should be ashamed," said tabloid newspaper, Blick.'

Quotes from here ~ also full story:

What do you think about all this?

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