her yelp of pain startled rouark, who went into instant "protection" mode.
maia let go a small chuckle and said " it was nothing... just a bug bite." he relaxed once more as she rubbed the spot on her arm where she had pinched herself. looking at him sitting across from her, the hot and cold flashes did another pass through her.
they ate quickly, and were packing up when maia stood up, catching rouarke solidly on the chin. for a moment, both were too stunned to speak, and when they did, it was at the same time.
"i am soo sorry, i wasn't paying attention and..."
she was quickly cut off.
"maia.. may i be so presumptuous as to call you by your first name?"
rubbing the top of her head, she nodded.
his rich laughter triggered a shiver that ran up her spine and back down to the bottom of her stomach. she thought, "if my head hurts this much... he should be out cold on the ground!"
he casually ran his fingers through his hair, but the unruly white lock over his forehead refused his efforts to make it stay put.
reaching out he toughed the top of her head gently. "are you all right maia?"
she nodded mutely, unable to make her voice work.
"aren't you two ready to go yet?" delia quipped, her head cocked to the side, eyes swirling knowingly.
maia thought "if a dragon can grin... that's exactly what it looks like."
sheepishly, she answered her winged friend with a breathy "yes."

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