She felt overcome with shyness. This handsome prince had promised to 'court' her. He had said that he had dreamed of her.

But perhaps this was a dream. What other explanation could there be for everything that had occurred?

She was an ordinary girl, who lived an ordinary life, and liked to draw. That was all. She was either dreamimg or hallucinating.

Handsome fairytale princes did not really woo 18-year old strangers. Magically coloured dragons did not really grow to adulthood in a few hours, with the sole purpose of becoming her personal protector.

What was she saying???!!!
Dragons and fairytale princes did not exist. She must be ill; she had felt very hot and very cold today ~ and the Shaolin warrior business had been really odd! She must be feverish and, in truth, all of this must be completely unreal.

She had to wake up!
She must force herself to wake up!!

"The secret of success is constancy to purpose" - Benjamin Disraeli.