What a cute little fluff ball you have there. She's adorable! Glad to hear she is healthy.
I do feed my girls both dried and fresh organic parsley, as well as spinach. Don't recall if I tried Dandelion greens or not, I've tried most greens at the store. They love the Italian flat leaf parsley.
I fed them Kaytee when I first got them since it was what the pet store fed them, but since reading how they use artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, and the vitamins/minerals are coated on the outside of the seed that the birds do not actually consume, I mix my own by using organic seeds but only give a little bit in the evening. I feed them mostly veggies, grains, & pellets (Roudybush & Harrison's are better than Zupreem) w/ little fruit.
You can get a free 1.75lb bag of organic hulled millet at www.iherb.com (or $5 off anything on your first purchase), by using coupon MOD625. Here is link to...

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