Hi rtegge, Sorry to hear about the broken blood feather, but Yaaaayyy! for the clean bill of health otherwise. It really is a good feeling hearing from a professional that all is well and your bird is in excellent health smile

My guys both eat parsley and spinach.(I think they play with the parsley more than anything tho LOL) I've never tried dandelion greens, but i have heard they are good for them. I have seen dandelion greens in the supermarket.
Like bb said, if you plan on using dandelion greens from outside you have to be SURE they are from an area that has never been treated with pesticides. And even if you don't treat your own yard, your neighbors might and the pesticides could carry to your yard.
I have and do feed Kaytee Fiesta, but since I found Kaytee Forti-diet Pro health in the blue bag, that is what i mainly feed them and I mix it with some of the Fiesta Max,another kind of seed mix, and pellets.. The Forti-diet is much better for them.Both of my guys like it.If you are switching from a dif brand start by mixing their usual with the new until they get used to it.
Does she eat pellets?