Short video of my "normal" Puddles. This is how she is all the time....

Puddles really likes her new cage smile She did this run back and fourth thing in her tiny white one, but it was no where near as cute as it is now smile She really gets going, starts running, then ends in hopping adorably back and fourth. Normally i ignore it and wait until she stops to leave her out. But now i cannot help it, i need to see if anyone elses Budgie Budgie does this smile <3<3

We all just got done eating. For supper i gave her some pellets, broccoli and a bit of seed. She seems to like it, as she has been this active for the past 10 minutes. I would let her out but i am trying to teach her that she does not get out by begging. Besides she is having alot of fun. She is stopping the running and is playing with her toys. Her favorite game seems to be Get the toys off the cage!

THIS is the budgie that went away with seed diet. THIS is how active my budgie budgie is allllllllllll the time Whoooo i got my hands full!

New pics soon smile