that is correct zoo keeper. smile the cat spider that i caught last year( and put the pics of on here) is considered non venomous, but when, my thumb started to tingle oddly, a couple of minutes after i got her unlatched... it didn't take me long to look it up again to be sure i hadn't made a mistake!
it was because she was of exceptional size and had been chomped on deep and for a little bit, she'd had time to dose me with all she had in her.
those are excellent photos justin! and i agree, they are fascinating. we tossed a fairly large bug of some sort onto the web of the "queen of darkness" (the cat spider) and my nieces and i watched through a magnifying glass as she rushed to grab lunch. as we watched, the bug seemed to deflate like a balloon with a slow leak. when she was done, what was left looked like a little piece of dirt stuck on the web.
an idea if you like to take photos, and amazingly enough, spider webs are incredible subjects... take a squirt bottle with a very fine mist and give the web a squirt. the water droplets look like jewels and also the intricate design of the web is often seen a little easier.
good show by the way for overcoming your fear, to take the time to get those snaps... be proud of yourself! smile smile

baby blue