Baby blue today i got pictures of her on my finger. Yes she is still fearing my finger ??? but will go on my arm hand leg, but not finger. Anyway we are working on it. Justin got some great pictures, and cute too! LOL she has loads of millet pieces around her. She gets so scared on my finger, its a wonder if i will ever be able to finger train her. Maybe i will need to have my perch where i go! she flies from across the room to get on her perch (gotta hide it if you move it LOL)

I really cherish what our relationship is developing into. She trusts more every day, its so rewarding! She lets me touch her side, and tummy. I was shocked that she lets me do that! as long as i do not make a perch with my finger i can pet her. Maybe in the very beginning i messed up, did something wrong and terrefied her of my "perch finger" Or maybe she remembers that time she fell off! (hmmm maybe!)

Kksuns she LOVES pony beads. I bought some that have glitter trapped in the coating, as well as glow in the dark ones. A few years ago i was able to find a kit that had little shapes and animals. I made her a toy, that has cherries all over it, another with my hero (hello kitty) and one with a plane, a helicopter and a bird. I put them on the tops of ladders, and on her toys. She loves to click them back and fourth...but mainly loves to spin them. She also prefers pinks and reds. Power to the PONY!

If 3 months ago you would tell me this is what i would be doing with my Puddles, i would scoff and say "i will still be perch training that mega bitter!" She still bites, but only when i do the perch finger!

New pics soon smile