yeah, i know you may be thinking "oh my not another Puddles story!"

But i really cannot help it. Today last hour puddles fell asleep on my lap, tucked up against my stomach! She was so warm and so fluffy! i could feel her leaning so softly against my stomach. Every little breath was felt, little chirpy noises heard. then after 20 minuts of that, she flew to her cage, got a drink and then flew back on to me. She then jumped to my computer, where she sat and looked at me like "yeah, now what!!!"

I started to type this message and every key i slowly hit, she went after the key and bit it. Almost like together, we attacked that key. I told her "no," and gave her a chewy toy. "chew on that" she did, then sat down at the corner, almost like "i will stay away from the action"

Then she flew to my bag of nerds. The wonka candy! i eat so many i place the bulk boxes in a bag. WHile i play with the Pudders i also, everynow and again eat a nerd or two. I guess the bag of pretty colors are around often, she jumped on the plastic bag and opened beak wide, and tried to pick up a nerd...yeah it was cute! she cannot get through the resealable 3 layer freezer bag i keep them in, so i just took them, and placed then where she cannot reach. she then settled down by my hand, and started to rub her head all over my pinky! (awww!)....but i have to move to hit shift! LOL

I may change my name from carly just one of Puddles flock. she makes me feel so proud, and happy. This must be what its like when a mother hears her child recite the alphabet all alone!

New pics soon smile