hey there everyone!!
i'mmm baaaack!
i was crazy busy and busy freaking!
here's the official news...
i am the proud "nanny" of allicia megan. she was born on thursday at 11:30 am. she weighs 7 lbs 3 oz and is 20 cm long. short, soft redish brown hair, long tiny fingers and the cutest witto tosies.
she is a very laid back little doll and spends a surprising amount of time awake and peering around with her blue "baby eyes" and making little happy noises. untill she gets hungry and then has one of the loudest voices i have ever heard, which rises in volume and pitch the more ticked she gets!
she is just GORGEOUS, (and i'm not biased at all!) i look at her and wonder, will she have mommie's blue eyes or daddie's brown ones.
she is a plump, round little one who doesn't even have that real "newborn" look.
she is soft, snuggly and cute as a button.
i had a great visit and held my babie's baby till my arms are sore!
mom is doing great, out of the hospital next day, proud as a peacock and does everything like it is her 6th kid! dad is loving every minute with his baby girlie.
a family has been created and a new life begun. smile

baby blue