My hubby and I went to a book store last night where I found a book of limericks. On the way home (keep in mind it was late and we were bored) we came up with limericks about our keets. wink
So I thought I would post a few and challenge you all to come up with your own. smile

With a squack, a fuss and a Ptooey!
My keets yelled "Mom, you're quite screwy!"
"When you fixed us our lunch,
we expected some crunch,
Not peas that are nasty and gooey!"

The once was a keet named Patches
Who liked to burn his toys in large batches
Till a wind came with a huff
his feathers went up in a puff..
No longer does he play with matches

I have a few more but I will save them for later. Cant wait to see what we all create!

RIP Peeps