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428, I do not know why you think this is funny!! I can not believed others are banned from this forum and you can do THIS?? It may not be a virus in the sense that it "infects" my computer in the long run but when something TAKES OVER MY COMPUTER AND DOES NOT ALLOW ME TO CHANGE TABS, CLOSE IT OUT BY NORMAL MEANS OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT IS A VIRUS!! .....

I can understand your anger, because I do not find this funny, either, but there is a 'notify' button for such matters ~ and even justifiably angry members must not take matters into their own hands. Two wrongs don't make a right, as my mother always says.

Now that I know what a 'rick roll' is, let me clearly state that they are against the rules.

I think that if someone new arrived, simply to post one of these, then they might well be banned, but in this case, it was posted by a well-liked, long-term forum member.

As I said, I think that she made a serious mistake, but I do not think that it was done with any malice.

I think that she deserves the chance to apologise and start afresh.

I very rarely ban long-term members. Usually, any problems can be resolved, when they concern members who love the site.

Can we exchange apologies and forgiveness? smile

"The secret of success is constancy to purpose" - Benjamin Disraeli.