428, I do not know why you think this is funny!! I can not believed others are banned from this forum and you can do THIS?? It may not be a virus in the sense that it "infects" my computer in the long run but when something TAKES OVER MY COMPUTER AND DOES NOT ALLOW ME TO CHANGE TABS, CLOSE IT OUT BY NORMAL MEANS OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT IS A VIRUS!! Yes, I used caps on purpose, yes I am yelling and don't tell me to chill or relax or whatever. I am xxxxxx and I have every right to be *(sorry DeShanna know you said I should deal with this in a PM but I am too angry for that and EVERYONE needs to understand how totally WRONG this was so it is NOT repeated!!!!

This is the general parakeet chat forum, it is not a jokes and gags section!!!! WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH GENERAL PARAKEET CHAT?????

I am so angry right now. This was very very wrong!!!

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