I dont agree with cats just being cats. When it is a health issue and interupting others lives then its a problem. If a dog was roaming the neighborhood eating animals and pooping in others yards to the point where they had to change their lifestyles people would protest. But because its a cat that somehow makes it okay??
If this sounds like I am yelling I am not. I am just trying to make a point.
Cat crap in my flower bed is nasty. I do not want ringworm or lord knows what else. Plus, I cant even have a bird feeder or bird houses right now. How fair is it for me to put them out knowing that the birds are just a meal ticket for the cats?
Plus many songbirds numbers are declining enough as it is. Cats add to that decline.
A lady in the next neighborhood over had a great idea for her cats. She has a huge cage with cat toys and platforms and such that she has outside. The cats can lounge out in the sun without getting into trouble. I realize that not many people can afford such a thing but its a great idea. It keeps your cat safe from getting run over, hurt or impregnated!

It has been raining here for the past two days so I have not called yet. I am doing more research on the laws in my town to make sure I am doing the fair thing for everyone involved.

RIP Peeps