Helwa, how? If one cat has lets say by some insane miracle, 12 cats. Those kittens won't reach maturity until 10 months, maybe a little earlier. Maybe that the absolute earliest 6, by another same miracle. 400,000 cats from one cat is not possible in a single 12 month year.

Do you mean how many cats are produced a year, in general?I can agree with that. A single cat, 1 cat alone, can not make that much.

PDM, I agree with what you say about cats being cats. I don't mind cats eating our birds outside. They eat birds, baby bunnies, voles, baby moles, snakes, whatever they can. But that's on our property. If someone next door complained, I would keep the cats inside. You know?

Anyway... Did you chose to make the call? What happened?