I have posted before on the cats in our neighborhood. They are getting to be a huge problem.
My neighbor keeps her cats outside all the time. They come over and poo in my flowers and have scratched up several plants. Not only that but I am very allergic to them. I can't even work in my flower beds without sneezing and my eyes swelling up. Not cool. I have talked with her about this many times. She really does not care or laughs it off.
I have tried many things to keep them out. Cat rid spray and if I can catch them soaking them and where they are sleeping with a hose. 3 out of the 4 cats got the message and they no longer mess with our house. I finally had to talk with my neighbor again and pretty much beg her to keep the one cat inside.
This lasted for a month. Now all the cats are back outside again.
Plus there are about 6 strays. We have a very large backyard and I like to feed the wild birds and put up nest boxes. I can no longer do this. All spring I have seen the cats stalk and try to kill the baby birds. I chase them off but I cannot do this all the time. So finally I had to take down all of the nest boxes and the feeders. Last night a cat killed a robin in the back yard. I had been watching this little robin grow up all week. I am so mad.

I want to call animal control but I dont want to anger my neighbors. They know I dont like cats and I am at a loss for what to do.
I cannot feed the birds in my own yard or work in my garden because of all of the cats. Is this fair??

What would you all do? Do I even have a right to do anything? I know that many here are cat lovers. I am not saying that people should not own cats I just want to be able to enjoy my house.

RIP Peeps