Now, back to our scheduled broadcast:

as far as do you take the seeds out for extended periods of time. No matter what you decide about that AFTER they are eating veggies and pellets, do NOT do it right away. As mentioned above, budgies can starve to death if they do not realize the veggies are food.

As to the protein issue. I am not going to debate with anyone. I suggest you talk to your avian vet and get his/her input. What my vet told me is this: The pellets are designed to give your bird the closest possible nutrients to what they get in the wild. If you are giving pellets and LOTS of veggies w/a little fruit once in a while, they will be fine.

What works for me, my boys AND my vet is this, they have pellets 24/7. They get seeds occasionally sprinkled on their veggies and almost every night offered out of our hands. I work from home so from the time they are uncovered until they are covered at night, I am offering a variety of veggies. They always have at least one veggie available at all times through out the day.

That is just what works for us and I can tell you I have had Aruba just over a year, Caico, Antigua and Cayman for almost a year now and the only time any of them have been to the vet is for a well check which they have passed w/flying colors. That's not to say they couldn't all get sick tomorrow.

Oh oh, I do also have Herb Salad in their coconut shell swing on top of the cage so they can munch on that as they wish from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Whoever it was who thanked me for putting in time to get this thread set up and started, you are welcome.