I give mine seed/pellet mixture-more seed than pellets. I worry about too much protein causing problems down the road.I guess the ratio of seed pellet is up to the individual after doing their research and deciding for themselves the pros and cons. smile They also get a variety of fresh veggies, all they can eat throughout the day. I do put just pellets in a small treat dish in cage and also on playstand, and they munch on those when the mood strikes them too. lol Haven't yet found a fruit that either will eat. There is dehydrated fruit in one of the seed mixes i use but idk if they really eat it or mostly it gets tossed out.
I switch their seed/pellet twice a day and whatever they don't eat i put outside for the wild birds.
KT-after a while you will be able to judge a little better about how much they eat and don't put as much in their dish to be wasted. Or you can blow off the hulls and add more to it. The only thing with that is maybe the stuff that is left uneaten is stuff they don't like? IDK
Have you tried any fresh vegs at all yet?