THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS THREAD!! I do have a bunch of questions if anyone can help.. please! Boo Boo is getting comfy with me and I feel its ok to try to get her to eat better! She LOVES LOVES LOVES the seed. She eats it and only it all day. Today.. (it's been a week since I've gotten her) she had a couple bites of millet. I use the Kaytee fiesta mix seed as well. I mix with seed ecotrition variety blend fruit and seed.I also bought kaylor or colorado sweet harvest fruit mix, looks like dried fruit. Since I've read that budgies only eat fruit like two weeks a year so I don't know if she will eat or if she should...

I was wondering.. what is pellets? I haven't seen these yet. Should I buy these?

I will try the baby food way first. sounds pretty solid to me.

How do I know if she is eating too much seed?... I don't want her to get a tumor.. also I don't know how to watch her protein intake.

SO what I need is Baby food (organic), veggies (organic), pellets (which brand?)..

Should I try on the bottom of the cage first, or up high?

Sorry for all the questions. Thank you for all the help really!!! smile

~~ Smile Every Day ~~