So look at it this way, if your child does something that startles you and you accidentally hit your child, give them a bruise on their face and they go to school the next day, won't the teachers ask who did it? When the child says "mommy or daddy" won't they call child services on you? You can say it's an accident all you want to but they won't believe you.

I know that it's hard NOT to react to things. *example* When I was getting my wisdom tooth extracted the dentist warned me MANY times NOT to jump or move...As soon as he stuck those pliers in my mouth and I felt pain I jumped like a lightning bolt hit me, and lol well he got mad...But the point is that sometimes being startled can't be controlled even if you are expecting that something is going to happen *end example*

I guess what I am saying is that it may have been a mistake but think about it this way, the next time she bites you and you get startled what are you gonna do? How will you react?

I think the best thing for you to do is get a pair of training gloves so you can get her used to you again without the fear of biting and the possibility of striking your baby again...

Talk sweet to her, spend time sitting by her cage and maybe sing to her, even put your hand inside the cage and just leave it there for a bit

I hope everything turns out for the best

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