I also didn't want to be another person to add to this insanely off-topic thread, but, I consider myself to be in a rather unique position regarding this issue, if some of you will remember the "Holding the Beak" fiasco.

LoRaXspeek4keets, YOU ARE COMPLETELY AND ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I can't believe it's finally taken this many posts before someone said what you did. This person ACTED ON INSTINCT, AS DID HIS/HER BIRD.

Note to everyone: This person wasn't asking for any kind of psychoanalysis--he/she was asking for advice about the bird.

rtegge, I know almost exactly how you feel, and I accept your regret for what happened. I understand that this post has been upsetting for you, but understand that not everyone on this forum is this unhelpful all the time. Like some have already said, it will take time for your bird to regain her trust, but it has obviously not been completely lost. She's probably feeling intimidated because you showed your dominance in, albeit, a rather violent and forceful way. Just start from square one as LoRaXspeek4keets suggested.

Please don't rashly consider giving her away, especially as a result of this thread: You obviously love her! Otherwise you wouldn't have been so honest, or have even sought out advice. Giving her away, especially so soon after this incident may prove even more emotionally damaging than the actual incident itself.

You and your baby bird will learn to love and trust each other again, in time. Take heart, and please, although it seems very uncomfortable now, please come back to the forum for advice if you need it. Not everyone here condemns you as an abusive, angry pet owner.

Best wishes to you and your keet.

Peace and Long Life.
Live Long and Prosper.