I am 100% in awe what has happened.

1. You had made your point that stating that what if a toddler had bitten you. Would you have hit the toddler?!

2. I think this is being very hurtful, [not only to the bird but to yourself] and do you think that your bird will forgive you like how us humans can forgive others!!

3. This is a horrible situation. And C mom, you are 100% right about having anger management. I'm not trying to be aiming any problems at the poster on this thread but this is VERY uncalled for. Very.

4. Your bird probably will [a] feel like she/he did something wrong when YOU did something wrong to her/him. [b] remember who you are by : your finger, your scent, ect. ect.

Very uncalled for. I have made my point here and I will pray for your little
precious birdie. You had no right to hit her. I have one more question for you, and please do not avoid it, when you get the chance please respond back to me.

1. Hit or flick? Those are very different from each other.
2. Hit with a broom? Hit with your finger? What did you hit her with.

As I have said this is uncalled for.
I will pray for your bird.