when you have a member of the hook bill family, you have an intelligent animal that is capable of learning right and wrong, yes and no, good or bad. when you own a budgie you have an animal that has the mental capabilities of a 3 to 4 yr old HUMAN child and the physical abilities of a 2 yr old.
if you own one of these gregarious little parrots, you will soon find out how smart they are and how quick they are to learn. they can learn how to open cage doors(as many unsuspecting owners have found out!)they can learn which areas they are and aren't allowed in and an array of tricks and behaviours from you and other birds.
patience, talking (they may not understand EVERY SINGLE word you say, but they CAN understand the tone of your voice.)and love will re establish your origional bond, if not strenghten it.
if anyone dosen't believe this, you have some research to do about your "friend" (i don't like to call them "pets" as i do not consider mine pets) they are also very attuned to YOUR feelings.
if you are always upset, scared, angry or sad. it FEELS these emotions and with no other outlet available to it, it does the only things it can. the 2 main things are stress plucking(not named that for lack of anything else)sometimes,to the point of self mutilation and uncontrollable screaming. the equqal of a tantrum in a child, too young to communicate verbally. children of this age are often known to hit themselves or bump their heads (not hard or violently)on walls or floors out of sheer frustration.(they do not have to be abused to produce these behaviours) with proper care, communication and love, children learn not to do those things. with proper care, communication and love, your bird can be shown that there are other ways to deal with things.
"trouble" or "vicious" parrots are often created by the people who got them and DID NOT look into what they were doing. these birds CAN be rehabilitated. your little keet was probably as surprised as you were and taking the time with it and teaching it... with love, i am sure you will have your pal back to rights in no time (don't be surprised if it is not pushing a button or two of yours either, they will sulk and suck up all they can get. i have one who wrote the book on that!)
as to that african grey... it does know colors, shapes, sizes as well. i saw that show. the woman could put a cluster of 2 sizes, 4 shapes and 4 colors out all at the same time and ask the bird to do a task. if she asked it for the small, green, squares... the bird went through the pile (of up to 30 pieces i think) piece by piece and brought her EXACTLY the size, shape and color she requested... EVERY TIME! an amazing documentary!
if ANYONE can read this and still not believe what our keets, lovies, conures, africans, macaws and other members of the parrot family can do... i ask you, in all honesty and no anger... SHOW me, and all others who believe as i do, LEGIT info, that we all can all have access to, that what we believe may be unfounded.

baby blue