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I do happen to agree that many people are way to quick to judge here and start critisizing and coming down on someone way to fast and hard sometimes.

Normally I would agree, however, a small bird has no means to defend itself other than biting and in my opinion, hitting is not acceptable, not even for a dog or any other pet ever.
The original poster asked for advice and I gave mine with the bird's well being the focal point, even if others disagree with it.
I'm not sure about other states, but in my state someone under the age of 18 cannot legally enter a pet store and purchase any pet or bird, I'm sure due to maturity level and ability or lack of to care for an animal. Many times abuse or poor care is due to parents allowing their children to get pets/birds with no knowledge of how to care for them & no supervision. Seems to me this may be the case here. There is a reason it is illegal, and this showcases it, assuming the OP is under 18.
If I sound harsh it is because I love animals and wish their well being was first and foremost.