excuse me heather, but this thread has offered ALOT of good solid advice to the poster and everyone has been very respectful and decent.

if you have such issues with the people here why did you log in???

just because someone disagrees with you that means you reject the entire forum and cast people here in such a bad light?

i did read your entire post and i disagree, you arent the only one with a degree here, and not to be offensive but a degree in psychology a dr doesnt make.

i work with animals on a dialy basis, i train them, i evaluate their behavior and determine if they can be worked with or not so possibly my opinion carries so weight? maybe yours does too but no one insulted you.

this person came and admitted they hit their bird, yes they are sorry and feel bad about it, but i will not sugar coat it and say ohh its ok, it was just your knee jerk reaction.

it is NOT OK to hit any animal,in any way, for any reason!!! and specially not a bird!!! slapping a dog isnt going to kill it or injure it for life, but it could very well kill a parakeet instantly or injure it severly.

in fact most times on this forum people say the most ridiculous things and give the most horrible advice and it goes unchecked.

just last week someone was laughing about getting their bird drunk and no one said jack about it, instead they got "aww how sweet"

im sorry you feel so upset by people disagreeing with you in a decent manner but that is not OUR problem.