Ok. Let me get my grip here. and get over MY knee jerk reaction.

One thing that will really help you get back in her good graces is to apoagize, over and oover, in a sorrowful tone. My birds know what I'm talking about most of the time, or at least the concept of it.

I'm not going to appolagize to you about my statements. I need to work on My communication skills!! So take THAT, Dinah!!

Yea, it's gonna take some time, but it sounds like she/he loves you and perhaps does not understand what happened. The thing about sorr to her, I do that when I'm late with feeding or bump the cage or etc. She will know what you are saying.

Good luck with this and I'm not really a xx***. Ok. I WILL say sorry, and looking forward to hearing about your progress.

(boy, my spelling-bad. ) In a hurry to get to work!

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Dinah, Tweetymom

RIP precious Merlin
RIP Tweetylove
Rest with Merlin