i have to put in my piece on this.
the poster was obvoiusly disturbd that a knee/jerk reaction ended up in contact wth the bird. to someone who is already remorseful for their action, to hear others tell you what you already know is wrong, will make you even less inclined to continue to try (i lived this for 15yrs and know what it can do to a person) i also agree with the fact that not as long at the best possib everything can be taken care of with positive re-inforcment. we do have to remember that for all that are birds are tiny, they ARE able to REASON why punishment (appropriate punishment) may have to be given. the trick is, to have te animal realise why the punishmenet is occuring) they REASONED that pulling fingers away means they are a step towards being left alone when trying to hand train. the finger doesn't like the open beak... it does not come near... bird thinks... I WIN! and in esscense it HAS won when the finger comes less often an goes away faster because of that action.
hitting is not acceptable and the poster knew that and was looking for some help in righting a RECOGNISED wrong. what is done cannot be undone (i am sure the poster would have done so if able)
many of us here are parents. how many of us have said they would NEVER spank their child? how many of us, at some point (due to whatever circumstances) did spank? and felt hideous for it? were we told to go to anger management (i wasn't and i doubt anyone else was for a first time "spank") the poster did not hit the bird with the intention of teaching it a lesson. the animal was not beaten to the point of abuse.
yes i agree, it will take sme time and patience to bring the bird around again but i am sure it can be done with love and perservence. keep up the work with your bird. if it tries to intimidate, it has to be shown that behaviour is not tolerated. it is now a matter of knowing what to expect and finding a way to show it... that is BENIFICIAL to both parties.
as for giving the bird up to another home... i do not agree, unless the animal's life in in iminent danger( i do not believ it is) myself, i am proud of the poster for asking for help.

baby blue