it was on Sunday. She eats fine & moves fine. Believe me, I did everything I could (without taking her to the vet) to make sure no damage was done. I felt her body to make sure she didnt squak (signalling something hurt) and she was ok. When she bit me, which has never happened, i was petting her. I bought her from a breeder and she was so very friendly & cute. Then all of a sudden when I was petting her side, she bit me.. but anyway, she used to be very chirpy before that happened. Now, she barely chirps. She bites me now more than ever.. and now i'm just not doing anything about it. She used to get all excited when i got home from work, now she wont even look at me.

U know what i think im just gonna log off and cry and give her away. Really feel like [censored] now