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thank you all for your input, and no i was not trying to "start a debat." I wouldnt have posted anything if I didnt already know I would get mixed opinions, so again, thanks.

I didnt beat-up my bird, I struck her out of instinct, I've never had a bird before and wasn't expecting it since i bought her from a breeder. As for "anger management"; lets not forget that i didn't strike her out of ANGER. It didnt xxxx me off at all. It startled me and I swapped my hand. That is not anger.

And I will not get rid of her. I believe in forgiveness. She still sits on my shoulder and on my finger, but is just being quiet and non-playful in which is obviously expected. I will take all the good advice from this post & use it to earn her trust again and move on.

Thanks again.
Glad to hear and I really do hope to hear fun stories and see great pictures in the future!! smile

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