Ok here's the thing. It is a scientifically proven fact that kids until the age of about 7 (depending on development) have no concept of empathy or sympathy. None. They'll feign it, because it's socially acceptable, but if you try to teach them 'don't swing the cat around by it's tail because how would you like it if i swung you around by you're leg?' they have no idea what in God's name you're talking about. They'll agree, but only because you expect it. As such it's been agreed by MANY child behavioral professionals that the best way to stop unwanted behavior in young children is to scare them out of it. They'll understand why it isn't allowed when they're older but there is no hope of them understanding it when they are young. They will pretend to understand it to make adults happy but really, they won't.
Secondly the most famed, respected dog behaviorist in the world is the one that I got the redirection thing from. Ceaser Milan encourages it? why? Well mostly because how do you positively reinforce not biting. Praise them every second they aren't biting? What if they're connecting the praise with something else like... i dunno... sitting? And then what are you supposed to do when they are biting? Ignore it and allow the dog to savage your neighbor? No, you distract them with a sharp noise if you're far away or with a tap to the nose, chest, or hindquarters if you're close.

I respect Ceaser Milan completely. He's a miracle worker and I'll do whatever he says is the right thing especially because (and i hate to keep bringing this up) with a degree in psychology it makes sense to me.

ANYway I never said it was acceptable to hit the bird I was only trying to make the point that at least they were asking for help and it's best to just offer help, not jump on them for something that... I'm sorry.... but it's instinct to hit something that's biting you. It's called fight or flight. ANYway, suggesting anger management is extreme and well... rude. And if I was that person I would never come back here for help because I would know I'm going to be jumped on and yelled at instead of helped.

*Darcy* 7.2.09