animal training really is exactly the same no matter what kind of animal it is !!!! bird, cat, rabbit, dog ... human ... its all the exact same.

positive reinforcment and behavior analysis, its scientifically proven fact, sadly the old school methods are still very popular and engrained into our society and our brains.

its instinct to tap the dog on the nose or whatever, because that is what we have been taught to do. is it effective? depends...

it might give you a result, but most certainly wont work everytime. and then what happens if the dog keeps doing, you tap harder, get angrier, emotions get hotter for both you and the dog, then the dog begins to resent its humans and becomes an angry, aggressive dog. not always, but more often than not.

the animal might do what you want, some of the time, but its doing it out of fear and resentment and mindless robotic obedience. with positive reinforcement, the animal is learning, it becomes a learned behavior, something the animal understands and knows and will perform exactly the same each and every time on cue.

smile i work with big angry dogs all day, also sweet cuddly dogs, the last thing id ever want to do is tap a biting angry dog in anyway or would certainly make a bad situation worse.

sadly though, this is the instinct, because for so long owning a pet in our society was about taming the beast, being dominant over it and breaking it down...we thought that was the only way to do it...

hitting is not a proper nor effective form of communication, whether in humans or in other animals.

when i was a little kid and i got a spanking ... did it teach me anything? no! did i do that bad behavior again, probally not, but why? not because i understood it to be wrong and not ok for me to do, but because i feared getting hit/spanked again.

there was no learning or understanding happening, only primal desire to protect myself from being hit again. we dont realize thats whats happening, but in the brain that is exactly what is happening, even if the situation seems completly minor.