Ok I just have to say something. First of all anyone who has ever had a dog, instinctively taps an animal on the nose or chest if the get nippy. Why? Well because if my 115 lb dog decides to bite someone he could do damage, so I head him off at the pass and smack him on the nose (not hard, just enough to surprise and distract him) or poke him in the chest a la Ceaser Milan. When I first got Nouba it took every power of self control I had not to tap her on the beak when she bit. Owning a bird and training a bird is almost the exact opposite of any other household pet. That being said, I don't think hitting a bird is a good idea, however, I don't think you should come down too hard on an obviously inexperienced owner who is at the very least trying to get advice and do the right thing. As Helwa said, be patient and extremely nice. Basically pretend like you're back at the starting point (for the rest of us at least) and have to gain her trust again... because you are and you do.
Tapping an animal on the nose for biting you, especially when you are new to the care of said animal, does not mean you have anger issues. If they lit the bird on fire, I'd be with you but in my humble degree in psychology opinion, I would say that it is a normal instinctual reaction to fight back when something is biting you. They've only had the bird for a week and at the very least instead of continually batting it about the ears (as someone did to a Too I was just reading about for enough years to cause blindness in one eye) this person is here seeking help.
I doubt any of you are perfect.

*Darcy* 7.2.09