Well said C Mom. You must have been reading my mind. smile

rtegge, Hate is a very strong word, and I for one don't hate you.You made a HUGE mistake, probably THE worst thing I can think of other than hitting/abusing a child. You could have killed her for cripes sake!!! Or mamed her for life in some way! But at least you feel honest remorse for what you did and I would hope you would never do it again. I don't think you will...I can tell you feel like a total xx** about it.
I think if you continue to be gentle and caring with Mystique you will earn her trust back. Lots of sweet talking, and PATIENCE.
As for anger management issues IDK you well enough to judge that. DO you fly off the handle and strike before you think often?? If you do have trouble controlling your anger and lash out without even thinking, then you should find a new home for ur birds. You're very lucky you didn't kill her this time so if you do have issues..
Other than that i have to say we ALL make mistakes. So if just a fluke thing, I'm sure you learned from yours.

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