first thing, it isn't grit. It's quarts. It's very easy to tell the difference and the peices are much larger than grit. Oyster shell they usually grind into a powder and put in the seed as a calcium supplement. I got some Kaytee at Target to hold them over because it as 4th of july weekend and Petsmart wasn't open.
Second thing, in no way am I even thinking about sueing Petsmart for multiple reasons. One, unless I could find about 1500 other people who've had this same problem I have no hope of them even taking me seriously. Second, I have insubstantial evidence. I always throw away the food bags when I put the food in my tupperware container. And since I mix other stuff with it it they could say it was in the roudybush or in the dried fruit. Darcy is already in the ground and I refuse to allow him to be cut up, he hated the vet and people made him nervous, I'm not gonna allow a vet to cut him open at this point, it won't save him. I have kept the food as well as quartz shards found in the food when I was emptying the feeder to show them. My only goal in contacting them is to make them aware of the problem so they don't kill anyone else's pet and my goal in posting this story was to let everyone know how important it is to check what you feed your birds...

Thank you for your condolences btw. Nouba's still pretty annoyed with me, but I feel like Darcy is, if not in a better place, at the very least in a place where he understands that even if the people who had him for the first 5 years of his life weren't very nice, I liked him and wasn't trying to hurt him...

*Darcy* 7.2.09