rtegge, I know you feel very badly for what you did and Helwa is right on with her advice and words. I wasn't even going to add my 2 cents worth but the more I think the more it is weighing on my mind.

Please understand I am not saying any of this to come down hard on you or to judge you. I can tell by your reply that you already feel bad enough.

My concern? IDK how old you are or your gender (and I am not asking you to disclose this either) BUT, if this is how you instinctively react when a budgie bites, what will you do if a toddler bites you? For some reason, in the back of my mind I am thinking you are either a teen or young adult, not yet a parent. Maybe this was just a fluke and it would never happen again but I do urge you to dig deep with in yourself and really think about this. You may be perfectly fine but you may also need anger management or something.

I would never forgive myself if I didn't speak out to this issue at this time. Maybe this is an early warning and maybe I am WAY over analyzing it. I work with kids every day and they can sure make you want to smack them sometimes. It takes a lot to remain calm and loving. You don't have to address my post publicly. I am not accusing you so you don't have to feel the need to defend yourself against me.

Please, to anyone else reading my comments, don't take this as an open invitation to jump on this poster or to start making accusations.

As for your budgie, I do hope that you are able to remain calm and loving and that the trust will be regained. Good luck