I need advice & i know you all will hate me for it. The other day, i was playing with Mystique..my new hand trained bird i had for 1 week. She all of a sudden bit me hard & i reacted without thinking, and hit her. Now, she wont chirp and does not have the playful personality she used to. She still sits on my finger and flies to my shoulder to hang out, but she is not the same. I know, i know to never ever do that again.. but does this mean that she will never be the way she used to? Or do you think that she'll eventually build her trust for me back.. maybe? Yell at me i know, believe me i'm extremely upset with myself.. i didnt mean to do that I just did it out of instinct forgetting how tiny & precious she is and now i just feel like she will never but cute and cudly with me ever again