I can't think of anything you're missing. And it can't be too boring if she seems content and plays all day! LOL
Sounds like Puddles likes chewing on fringe/tassel thingies like Levi. Actually I'm noticing Ziggy likes them too now. Anyway if she's not playing with the ring toy you could try tying some tassel like thingies on with hemp string, or sometimes i use 100%cotton string. It always seems to get Levi interested.
You could even just string a few pony beads, or whatever beads you might have that are at least the size of pony beads, on hemp string and tie to the side of the cage here and there.
Here's a site with reasonably priced bird toys, some are downright cheap! LOL Scroll thru and you'll see dif ones that attach to side of cage. Some have mirrors and IDK if you allow Puddles to have a mirror yet? But some don't.
If you buy from the site it would be good to scoop up some of the cheaper ones even if they are hanging ones so you have stuff to switch with. Look around..they have rope perches etc too smile

When is your Birthday???