Some of you may or may not remember me, I haven't been on in a while... but I have sad news. Darcy died in my hands on Thursday... I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him, everything happened so fast. One minute he was fine, the next Nouba was trying to beat him up. I pulled him out of the cage and he couldn't even keep his body up. I gave him some cypro in case he had another gi infection and syringe fed him some water and he made himself comfortable on my chest grinding his beak... and then i put him in my hand so i could ask for help on another forum and about a minute later, mid post, he took a deep breath, rolled over on his side, and died.
While I was sanitizing their cage I found shards of quartz had apparently been packed in with the seed I use which is Nutriphase... I've emailed the makers of Nutriphase (pet smart) and they haven't gotten back to me but if any of you use it, check your food carefully, the pieces of quartz are about the size of a seed and hard to pick out but they're sharp and can cause crop impaction...

*Darcy* 7.2.09