I am having a hard time, and maybe you guys can help me! smile

What does my bird cage need inside, I have 2 cages, and i just switched to give puddles about 3-4 inches more. The space added is a large differace! My cage is not small, ummm... http://www.amazon.com/Brand-Aviary-Bird-...=8-4/glitter0c/

And the old one is http://www.buzzillions.com/dz_633514_avian_select_faux_stainless_steel_reviews

The toys i have are a swing with bells..AKA her bed
Plastic rings that she has never really played with
Blastic balls that she swigs from, they took center stage
a Perch with beads all over that she loves to "back and fourth.."
And of course her tuff of sewing sting that she rubs in, and chews about 5-6 times a day..(and tries to untie knots)

Then perches she has a 7 inch long dowl rod
A "edible perch" She loves
Insight perch
Training perch only about 3 inches long
Of course she has perches infront of her dishes also

She has a cuddlebone that is reachable by 2 perches
she has some ..parsly (spelling is off i think) that i put in her cage daily...well i guess 3 times a day.
I hand feed her millet and a bit of "fruit and veggie" snacks

My birthday is coming up and i am getting her a rope perch that i will some how fit into her cage, maybe removing the dowl all together (she has a play gym made out of them, so i think she gets enough)

What are things that i need? Am i missing anything? I feel her cage is boring, (but really she plays all day, and i dont see signs of her feeling bored and tired with it.) Oh and anyone able to know about toys that can be hung from the side instead top of cage?

New pics soon smile