I use different veggies differnt days. DO NOT feed (and I should have thought of this in the first post)
-apple seeds or the area right around it (toxic)
-anything with sodium (this includes almost all canned veggies and a few frozen-read the labels)

When feeding Strawberries they MUST MUST MUST be organic!! Because of the nature of the fruit it is highly sprayed with pesticides etc and it goes into the whole fruit-you can't just wash it off.

Organic is always the best way to go but I know for me, it is hard to find organic and sometimes I just have to do a lot of washing/soaking before I feed them.

Organic baby food is easier to come by so I use that a lot.

Dixie&Miss' Mama just try each method mentioned in the first post and as I said, stick to ONE method for AT LEAST a week before moving on to the next. Some birds are more reluctant to try new foods.

If you do the "remove all other foods from the cage" thing be sure to sprinkle a small amount of seed on the veggie and don't go over 2 hours. Budgies can starve themselves to death!!!