We use the Kaytee food as well. I use a seed mix - Fiesta Mix.

We also get them egg-perch-stick.
And honey-sticks that for the keets.

The egg-stick is called a perch but it isn't.
But the honey-sticks are. They have a slide-thingy on them so you can attach them to the cage on the side. Let me tell you, if Dixie and Missy never had that honey-seed they would go crazy!
About in January me and my work friend came home and tried red peppers and tried them in different ways.

Sliced them and fed them it.
Cut it up and put it in their seed bowl.
Attached it on the cage door and side area.

Still didn't work. So I have no knowing of what to do. If you could post me a picture of what you feed them (veggie wise) & how you feed them it, Caribbean Mom, that would help. Thanks.

Birds - Missy & Dixie
Fish - Chai-Chai