A great idea to help us all. We have not used pellet only food yet. The Kaytee food we use has some pellet in it so they get a very small amount. On the Kaytee food debate, we looked at other brands suggested here and compared, I had to take my reading glasses! We went to their website and other sites and decided it is as good as any other brand.
We also offer them molting and conditioning food mixed in small amounts. Also honey treat sticks.
Millet not everyday,they won't eat anything else if there is millet!
We give them a paper plate full of what ever veggies we have,beet tops, celery chopped fine, broccoli, either whole or chopped they will eat, different lettuces, bell pepper cores with the seeds! They eat all the seeds off.
They won't eat off the paper plate on the floor of their cage, so
I put the paper plate in a natural uncoated basket with low sides and hang it from one of the branch perches! They seem to like it up high.
I tried rice, they didn't like it. Dry toast they do like. That's as far as we have progressed. I will say if we don't get their veggies before our first cup of coffee we get no peace!