Yes, both cat's are fixed, but my parents got them fixed too late and my husband said if they start marking their territory before they are fixed, they will never stop and they started peeing before they got fixed, so, the habit had started already. I will try that spray you guys are recommending but they were always indoor cats(our neighbor gave them to us)and we can't let them out(1. they will get lost, 2. the Assoc. will call animal control). As far as 2 litter boxes, the only problem with that is the fact that the condo is so small 900sq ft., there is a problem with where it would go because there are 2 bedrooms(both of which the cats pee in, so they have been locked out of those rooms) the living room, a tiny bathroom(where the 1 litter box is now and it takes up half the bathroom) and the kitchen(which is tiny) the litter boxes smell so bad that to have one of them in the livingroom would be aweful..the smell would be aweful I mean(because my dad will only buy the cheap litter). I'll tell him what you guys suggested and I'll personally buy the spray. It's just so frustrating..I wish there was a "cat whisperer" I'd call him.┬Ąt=677d47b4.pbw